Regardless of whether you are allergic to eggs or not, eggs are an expensive cooking item to use, here is a tasty meatball recipe that avoids using eggs. Meatballs are a great meal to do when you are cooking for 2 or more people, so it’s a great recipe to chose for a group bonding session in your house or flat!


  • Olive Oil
  • 1x Clove of Garlic Per Person
  • 1/3 an onion per Person
  • Approximately 150g of minced beef per person (this is around a large 500g pack for 3 people)
  • Sprinkle of Basil or Rosemary
  • Tablespoon of milk for binding
  • 1/2 a Tinned Tomatoes per person.
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Fry the onions and garlic until soft.
  • Take a portion of the onion, approximately half the onion you have cooked and place it in a bowl with the mince beef, herbs, milk, sprinkle of salt and sprinkle of pepper. Mulch the mixture into one large smooth meatball, you may wish to add some breadcrumbs to help with binding and bulking. Once finished you should be able to separate out this massive meatball into smaller ones, and it should be as easy and ripping apart play dough and rolling it into balls. Each ball should be made to around the diameter of the hole when your thumb and finger touch each other.
  • To the remaining onions and garlic, add your tinned tomatoes, with some basil, Worcester sauce and allow the tomato sauce to boil down a little on a low heat.
  • While this is boiling down, put some oil in a pan and start to cook the meatballs. Wait until one side is done before turning them over, once they are done, place them in the tomato sauce for around 5-10 extra minutes so they absorb some of the tomato sauce flavours!
  • While this is doing, cooking up some spaghetti or pasta, around 1 cup per person. Remember to use butter or oil to help separate the pasta when you drain it!
  • Put the pasta on a plate, add the meatballs and then enjoy!

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