Home cooked ham.

Home cooked ham tastes great at Christmas, but nothing stop you having it for the rest of the year. It will reduce the cost of buying decent ham for sandwiches, although will definitely be more expensive than cheap reformed ham still!


  • One gammon joint (or ham joint)
  • Some honey or maple syrup
  • Orange juice
  • Mustard, whole mustard is better.
  • Soft brown sugar.


I would recommend using a crock-pot or slow cooker for this as you will get a nice juicy tender ham that just falls apart. Put the gammon in a bowl and cover it with soft brown sugar and maple syrup, or honey and mustard – whichever you prefer! Put the gammon joint into the slow cooker and then fill up to near the top of the gammon with orange juice or water. Put the crock-pot on low and leave overnight to cook. Take it out in the morning and wrap in foil in the fridge. Once it has cooled you will be able to slice it easily.


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