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While some of you will be very happy printing out and using some of the online articles, others will want a proper paper cookbook to read from. Written by someone with more experience and ideas or even from vegetarian respective. You may have noticed I’m not exactly a vegetarian.

I’ve had good experience with two student cookbooks when I first started cooking at university. Below are my two recommendations (I went to university knowing essentially how to cook toast and instant noodles)

Nosh for Students Review

Nosh for Students (previous edition Nosh 4 Students) by Joy May is a great student cookbook for the complete cooking novice. Some of my favourite things about it include its use of non-metric measurements. Instead of using a weighing scales, all the recipes are written to use cups, teaspoons and tablespoons – saving you the hassle of trying to work these things out yourself! Nosh 4 Students also gives an estimate for how long the meal will take to prepare and cook, although in my experience things tend to take a little longer! The book is however written by a women, and true to the stereotypical man I am completely unable to multitask in the kitchen! I think this is also better when you start cooking for yourself and don’t have dependancy on the scales.

My absolute favourite thing about Nosh for Students is however the use of photos in the book, they really make me want to cook the meal. It’s true that a picture says a thousand words, while I can imagine from other cook books what the final meal might look like, an actual picture is a much better way of showing it!

Nosh for Students has a wide range of very simple recipes, many of which can be built upon as your cooking skills progress.

Nosh for Students is currently available to buy at a variety of online stores including and Amazon.

A Vegetarian version “Vegetarian Nosh for Students” is also available/

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Nosh 4 Students
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The Student Cookbook Review

The Student Cookbook published by Hamlyn, is also a good cookbook, with a clear and logical layout. The recipes are not too similar to Nosh for Students so buying both together is not a waste of money! It also contains a useful cocktail recipe section. Unlike Nosh for Students the Student Cookbook uses metric measurements which may be a problem should you not have a weighing scales on hand.

The Hamlyn Student Cookbook can be purchased from and Amazon as well. A vegetarian version of this cookbook is also available on Amazon.

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The Student Cookbook
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