Staying at home

There is a significant amount of choice available in where to go on holiday, the cheapest option being to stay in the United Kingdom. There are still great places to visit in the UK including the Lake District, Peak District, the Pennines, Brecon Beacons, the South West and Scotland to name a few. If one of your friends lives in one of these areas you might also be able to save a bit of money on accommodation too.

Remember even if you holiday in the UK you should still take out travel insurance if you are renting accommodation or book days in advance, its usually not that expensive and could save you significant amounts of money if your holiday is cancelled for some reason.

If you are driving your own car make sure it is in good condition, check the oil, tyre pressure etc before leaving and ensure you check it again before you start your journey back home. It may also be worth considering insuring one of your friends on your car insurance so you don’t have to do all the driving by yourself. If you can afford a GPS unit it is a very useful asset to have, but a standard British road atlas will do. Ensure your car is fully kitted out, and that you have your spare tyre and jack safely in its boot compartment.

It may also be a good idea to get breakdown cover if you haven’t got any already. It’s not free to be towed off the motorway if your car breaks down.


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