Going to Europe

With budget airlines it is fairly cheap to travel into Europe. If travelling by air be careful to ensure the plane isn’t landing miles away from your destination, many budget airliners have a tendency to land much further out from the destination city than many people anticipate.

If you are travelling by car, ensure your car meets the requirements for travelling in all the European countries you intend to pass through. This may include warning triangles, first aid kits, fluorescent jackets etc.

When travelling in Europe ensure that your car insurance covers you to do so. Most insurers will cover you to drive third party in Europe under a scheme known as the “green card“. It is advisable in my opinion to upgrade your cover to comprehensive cover, especially if you have comprehensive cover in the UK. It will also be a good idea to purchase European breakdown cover. As with driving in the UK, it may also be worth considering insuring a second driver so that one person isn’t always in charge of the wheel.

If you are going to Europe, its a good idea to take out travel insurance, or activity travel insurance (e.g. Snowcard) to cover any medical or rescue costs you may incur, as well as damage or loss to your personal possessions. Remember to take your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) with you as well, if you haven’t got one yet, then you can apply for one freely online

EU and UK Travel Checklist

  • Passport (Required for travel outside the UK)
  • European Health Insurance Card (Should be taken for travel in EU) (E111 is now not valid, so don’t take one of them.)
  • Travel insurance (Definitely a good idea outside the UK, maybe not so much of an issue inside but still recommended). Activity travel insurance can also be purchase for those planning on having a more active holiday such as climbing, caving, canyoning etc. (See Snowcard website)
  • Foreign currency (Euros, Swiss Francs etc.)
  • Green Card (for travel in Europen, or confirmation from your insurer that you are covered)
  • (European) Breakdown Cover.
  • Required driving equipement (See AA Driving requirements by country)
  • A photocard drivers licence.

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