How do I make friends at university? Making Friends at university is a question that is on many Freshers minds, here are a few tips to help you make friends at university. We also have tips for Freshers as well as general university life tips.

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  • Make the effort! If you are seen to be making an effort to be friends they will respond better.
  • Try and make as many non-course friends as possible, you will have many years to talk to these people, but only a year to make friends with the people in your halls or on your corridor.
  • Try and stay in the communal areas as much as possible, if you go for a drink or a snack to eat then stay in the communal area, it gives you a chance to chat with people you live around.
  • As above only with dinner, don’t eat alone in your room, try and arrange it so your eating with people, or even better cooking with people – it’s a great way to socialise! If you are catered then arrange for you all to go down to dinner as a corridor.
  • Join a few clubs or activities, this one especially applies if you aren’t really a clubbing/pubbing type person. It gives you a chance to meet people in different kinds of situation.
  • Breaking the ice in your first week can be done by buying people a round, or taking up a crate of beer or wine, students tend to come running when something free is on offer.
  • Even if you don’t drink, still go out and have a good time, there is always Coca Cola and Red Bull on offer to give you a caffeine boost.
  • Take up some popular DVDs people might like to watch whenever you don’t fancy going out for the evening.
  • Taking sport equipment like Frisbees and Footballs. They are another good way to meet people, ask your flat mates if they want to go outside and play a game with you.
  • Chat to people in queues, they are a great way to make friends! Try and get into as many as possible in Freshers week and start talking to everyone.
  • Always remain a positive and happy person, people don’t like a moaner.
  • Keep your door open when you are in your room, even while you are working.
  • Don’t get too locked in with one crowd, you may fall out with them or them with you.
  • Don’t be disheartened if everyone seems to arrive at university in a relationship, over half of them will probably be over within the first few weeks!
  • Go to your hall and department socials, they are a good place to meet new people.
  • Above all talk to people and don’t stay in your room watching your TV.
  • Don’t Forget to keep yourself CLEAN with a DAILY shower! Wash your hair, brush your teeth, smell nice and wear deodorant – people don’t like unhygienic smelly people. If you go out to a sports club also shower when you come in.

18 Responses to Tips on how to make Friends at Uni

  1. polite says:

    I Feel like im making too much, effort in trying to make freinds, but im not getting the result im expecting.

    • David says:

      Sorry to here about that polite, sometimes people just don’t deserve you as a friend, if that seems to be the case it might be worth trying to find different people who will enjoy your company.

      Best of luck

      • polite says:

        How do i knw, when I’VE found those peaple?

        • David says:

          It can be difficult to start with but they are the kind of people who will include you in things, invite you out to do things, will feel at ease around you and you around them etc.

          My best advice would be to join a university club, one that you will enjoy the activity, that way you can meet people with a similar outlook.

  2. polite says:

    Can having no freinds interfere with your studies?

    • Worried says:

      If you let it bother you then ofcourse. It’s all in the mind. Obviously, you need to make friends because it helps you grow as a person. If you are struggling, maybe see the uni councillor and I guarantee that you will make friends.
      It may just be teething troubles!
      Hang in there, I promise! x

  3. Worried says:

    I am planning on going to uni in September, but I am super worried. I am a real friendly girl, but Ive had to disconnect myself from my secondary school friends for private reasons. I havent had social interactions with my peers since last year and I am worried that I am severely out of touch with my age group!

    I am dreading university, because I am afraid I’ll end up a loner!

    • Fg19 says:

      Hey, I’m sure you’ll be fine. I bet as soon as you start meeting people it’ll all just become natural again. You say you’re friendly, so I see no reason people won’t befriend you. Join clubs and societies to meet people with more in common with you. I’m sure you won’t become a loner.

      just out of interest, what university are you planning on going to?

  4. Daniel Buxton says:

    Hi there I am off to University in September, but I am 24 and classed as a mature student. I am used to going out with people my own age but I think I can get on with most people and I am pretty easy going and love nights in/ out whatever really, I guess I I have got a sensible head on my shoulders but like as much fun as the next guy.
    Do you think I’ll have trouble fitting in or being accepted? I don’t want to put people of been older than them.

    • Michaela says:

      I’m going to uni this year too and I’m 22 so I totally understand where you’re coming from. In all honesty though, I don’t expect it to be a big deal. You won’t be the only one that’s not 18 and just out of school and not only that, people generally don’t care about age !

  5. limbo says:

    I’m currently in second year at uni, I made friends in my hall during first year but then had to take a year off due to personal reasons. I’ve now been back at uni for one semester and haven’t really got back into contact with any of them. The few that I’m still on conversational terms with all have lectures at different times and seem quite withdrawn into their own cliques. The few friends I do socialise with are all younger than me, I’m 21 and they’re my brothers friends really who are all 19. I feel socially out of touch with the people I should associate with. I only go to uni for lectures where no one really talks to each other. I just don’t know how to get back onto the social bicycle considering..?

  6. Angel says:

    I’m having trouble. I have scars on my face from a fire from when I was little and so I always think people think I’m disgusting. They don’t really like it when I try to talk to them. What should I do?

    • notright says:

      Don’t think like this!! be positive. Bet if you spoke to me, I’d be more than happy to hang out 🙂 and don’t assume just because I posted on this website I may be a loser type. I’m really cool lol 🙂 .

      Ps : I bet your a beautiful person!

  7. notright says:

    I have always been popular untill just recently. I have lost confidence, I don’t know what to do. When I talk its like its just not effective, people don’t listen and interrupt. NOT saying they are rude….I think I just talk in a way that I don’t know is something.

    I just want to meet new people, enjoy uni as well as study hard. I want to go to events and just enjoy life. I don’t know what to do

  8. scared says:

    im going to uni in September this year and im so worried about how im going to adjust and make friends in uni.
    i fell out my best friends and all my other friends almost a year ago and i feel anxious about making new friends and if i’ll be able to do it *sigh*

  9. Alone says:

    In high school it was only me and my best friend, we never made friends with others and since we are attending two different universities, we never see each other anymore. In two months I will be going into my second year of uni and I still haven’t made any friends. It’s more difficult for me as I live at home so I’m not on campus like the others, only for lectures. I feel like no one wants to talk to me and I’m left alone. What do I do??

  10. Qaz says:

    I am currently going to start my second year
    And I found it hard to make friends in my 1st year
    Not like I didn’t have any friends I had my brothers friends who use to take me out
    Who were nice and let me hang out with them at times
    But as I am 17 in my first semester everyone was overly mature
    And I would say stuffs do stuffs that was kiddish irrational to them
    And and now my cgpa is lower as for unfortunate reasons I missed a month of engin class I was really depressed
    Engineering was hard accompanied by no friends
    Outside my brother’s …. I thought of making an appointment
    With a neurologist as I also seem to make stupid decisions
    And forget names and didn’t have a good long conversation

    I am a good soccer player but I lost interest
    In it having headaches and I was also a spoonfed child so
    Also had troubles because of that
    I was planning to drop this semester and take a break
    And learn more and make an attempt to increase my cgpa
    My second year will start and I am losing hope and belief in me
    Help please
    And I also leave in a university hostel which is an elite block
    But most are Arabs that are to themselves and the rooms here aren’t shared
    And some internationals that are normal hi hello friends
    Help please !!!
    What can I do to start a good 2 nd year

  11. Bookish says:

    Hi, I’m worried about making friends because I’m going to uni with my best friend- I’m worried he will want it to be just us, or will get jealous if I make friends- but I’m more worried he’ll make loads of friends because he’s super charismatic and i won’t because I find it hard talking to people- any advice?

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