Listed here are some general advice tips for students at university in general, most of these are still valid even when you finish your 1st year and enter your 2nd and 3rd years. Click here for Fresher’ Week advice .

It’s never too Late!


  • Try getting up at least an hour before your lectures, having breakfast really does help as does taking a shower to wake yourself up!
  • Don’t be late for your lectures, it’s much easier to go five minutes early and have time to prepare, rather than rush in and have to start writing straight away.
  • If you find yourself falling to sleep in lectures consider taking a drink, water or a caffeinated drink – boiled sweets are also a good way to keep yourself awake.
  • Go to lectures and try and write notes, it can be hard but its worth attempting to do it! Most lectures these days also go online afterward so you can add or re-write your notes once you go home.
  • Check your email regularly. Information from your tutor, exam results, work and important information from your department will frequently come this way.
  • If you don’t understand something in a lecture then it’s worth asking, if you fear being ridiculed, most lecturers can be emailed questions as well.
  • It’s a good idea to do the optional work set by lecturers, it gives you a chance to gauge how well you are doing, and what kind of marking to expect when exams come around.
  • Background reading is a good idea, when lecturers recommend a book to read, or say their lectures come from a book, then it is a good idea to go find it and read it, especially near exam time when the extra information can gain you valuable extra marks and understanding.

General Student Living Advice

  • Keep your loose change; it is very useful when it comes to laundry and other machines that require change.
  • A clothing rack or similar device is also a good idea to save on drying costs.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine or dryer;  it is going to be highly embarrassing if the machine breaks down with your clothes in it!
  • Always clean the dryer filter before putting your clothes in.
  • Social network sites are great, but don’t add everyone you meet! Yes, add your flat mates and course mates, but no need to add every random in your hall – not until you’ve got to know them anyway!
  • Don’t add all your personal details to online social networks either! Keep your mobile number to yourself, your address and private email.
  • Careful what photos you add to social network sites, if they can be seen by everyone you don’t want to get yourself into trouble for anything (including your friends), especially if what you are doing isn’t strictly legal! Remember your potential employer might be able to see your account!
  • A small store of alcohol to drink before you go out can save significant amounts of money!
  • Make sure you know who to ask for advice from your union, regarding your welfare and computer problems etc.
  • Ensure you lock up your doors and windows when you go out, and at least your door when you go to bed (window as well if you live on the ground floor).
  • Make sure you have good student insurance.
  • Keep yourself clean, a daily shower in the morning and brushing of the teeth is good. Ensure you look well kept and presentable, especially in front of your tutor and any girls/boys you are interested in!

If you have any more ideas, please post them below! For more saving tips see our article on student saving ideas.


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  1. Melanie says:

    On shopping budget, make sure you have a set amount for each week and buy in bulk first of all, buy all the staples, beans, pasta anything in a tin which will last and then just add as the weeks go on. Look in the discount aisles for cheap food and try not to eat junk food too often. If your looking to be full up in the morning, buy porridge, I love quakers and add in some honey or syrup for a bit of flavour. Add this with a green tea and your sorted. Green tea is also really good throughout the day and if you’ve had too much to drink or ate too much junk food peppermint tea works a charm for the digestive system.

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