Frozen Vegetables

Vegetables are an incredibly expensive part of the weekly student shopping budget, especially if you want to stay healthy. The problem with cooking for one person though is that significant amounts of vegetable go to waste as you simply can’t eat it all before it goes off without having the same meal three times in a week.

This is where frozen vegetables kick in. To start with frozen vegetables can actually be healthier than fresh veg as they are frozen within hours of being picked, unlike fresh vegetables which may spend a few days on a lorry, airplane or ship to reach your supermarket shelf. Even if they aren’t more healthy they are of similar nutritional value anyway. Secondly they are much easier to store. For students frozen vegetables are great as they are frequently already chopped up making cooking just that bit less messy, and the fact they are frozen saves worrying about expiration dates.

A quick example is that of peppers. Currently in the UK a red pepper usually costs around 68 pence on its own, however a bag of frozen peppers which contains around 3 chopped up frozen peppers costs around 69 pence so there is also massive savings to have, the peppers are even sliced for you, making that stir fry much easier to do!


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