How Students Waste their Money

Listed here are 20 ways that university students waste their money. I’m far from innocent when it comes to wasting money as a student. Significant amounts of money can be saved by by not doing these things!

  • Throwing away loose change and losing cash in their room or mysteriously on nights out.
  • Buying take-away food they don’t need or don’t eat after a night out.
  • Buying drinks you know are going to taste bad.
  • Joining clubs you have no intention of going to.
  • Forgetting your student ID and having to pay the normal price for something.
  • Not going to lectures, you paid quite a large amount of money for each of them.
  • Buying snacks and sandwiches on campus that would have been cheaper to make at home.
  • In catered halls not going to meals that are paid for, in particular breakfast.
  • Trashing halls or houses on drunken nights, setting off fire alarms and generally draining your deposit.
  • Buying clothing and electronics that are not really needed.
  • Having a TV license for a TV that is barely watched.
  • Buying a laptop which is only kept in the house (think of the insurance increase)
  • Not thinking about what they are going to buy in a supermarket before going.
  • Losing their phone/wallet on a night out.
  • Leaving their room unlocked so anyone can walk in and take stuff.
  • Throwing up and ruining clothes, incorrect usages of the washing machine and dryer resulting in shrinkage.
  • Failing to wash up before food becomes physically unmovable from kitchen equipment or leaving it in water so long it rusts.
  • Smashing cups and plates when trying to make a drunken midnight snack.
  • Dropping food and drink all over your carpet and bed while eating your drunken midnight snack.
  • Throwing up on your bed after the drunken midnight snack.

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