Revision is possibly the most boring thing on the planet, and yet for the best part of 7 years of my life my Christmas and Easter holidays were ruined by revising for GCSEs, then AS/A2 Levels then 3 years of university exams. Here are 10 great ways to procrastinate and relax when you need that much needed break from revision.

  1. Time to take up a hobby, discovering where the nearest park is 0r how quickly you can walk to the shops and back.
  2. Its time you gained your movie education, Ben Hur, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, To Kill a Mocking Bird, 12 Angry Men and the Godfather I and II.
  3. If you haven’t yet watched Star Trek, now is a good time to watch it from the beginning, well from the next generation beginning, with each of the Next Generation series (TNG, DS9, VOY (you’ll be using this acronyms too after your 21 day stint) lasting over 7 days of non stop television you will be completely engrossed in the world of the Federation for well over a month…
  4. Bake some bread… never a bad time to bake bread (except for when drunk, stoned or in a bad mood).. or maybe a cake, cookies, scones? You decide.
  5. That local museum round the corner, or the university museum… its time to visit it.
  6. Online grocery shopping, spend 2 hours attempting to buy groceries online before giving up and going to the shop an taking less than 20 minutes.
  7. Spring cleaning, its time to see what you’ve left under the bed… or even what surprises the previous tenants have left. Alternatively clean out the freezer and discover what all those non descript sandwiches boxes and bags of questionable meat contain.
  8. Invent a game… no idea really your imagination is probably better than mine.
  9. Your bed linen hasn’t ever been washed has it? Probably about time to do that…
  10. Plan your summer travels, a key part of avoiding getting a job during the summer break!

Remember only procrastinate in moderation…

Good luck with your exams!


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