Once you have moved out of halls there is no committee to provide you with some drunken entertainment every now and again, so you will have to do it yourself. Even if you are in halls there is little to stop you having a corridor party.

Inviting People and Planning

It’s a good idea to plan your party a couple weeks in advance, set up a Facebook event and start inviting your friends and get your housemates to invite theirs too. Be careful though to ensure it is a private event unless you want to run the risk of the entire world turning up at your doorstep to trash the place.

Party Ideas

Is your party going to have a theme? Fancy dress,  BBQ,  beach, camping, LAN, console or just a traditional house party? It will depend on what kind of friends you have as to whether a Fancy dress party will be successful! Some people will never dress up regardless of how fun it may be! Make sure that if you are doing fancy dress that you at least are in Fancy dress – it doesn’t look good when the host can’t be bothered with their own party.

If it’s sunny outside, then a BBQ party is always a great. Especially if you have a back garden, or can do it in a park near by, more importantly it saves your house from spillage, mess and the possibility of things being broken by drunken fools.

Keep the music to the theme of your house party, and don’t have it too loud, a house party isn’t a nightclub. It’s a good place to socialise with people and if you can’t hear what they’re saying then its not much use. You’ll also annoy any non-student neighbours you may have living around you if it’s too noisy. Vary the music a little, no one wants to hear the same band repeated again and again through out the night.

Food and Drink

The cheapest way to have a house party is to get everyone to bring their own drinks, and I would recommend doing this anyway even if you plan on supplying some cocktails. Food wise, the usual party food is well worth buying, Doritos, crisps, cheese, wine, cocktail aausages, popcorn etc just so your guests have something to eat. If you don’t want your BBQ to cost too much then get everyone to bring their own meat around, it can be more fun this way anyway as you won’t be the only one melting over the BBQ while everyone else is enjoying themselves! Remember if you are buying drinks there is nearly always a cheap version of your favourite brand names.

Remember to have some ice available if it is summer.

Vodka Jelly is something that always goes down well at house parties. Make sure you make it about 4-5 hours in advance, it can take more time to set than standard jelly, and needs about 1/3 to 3/7 Vodka to water, otherwise it will not set! They also set better in glasses or jugs, from experience they are not very good at setting in ice cube trays!

Make sure your food is on a stable surface like a table or kitchen side, drunk people can be clumsy, and you don’t want to have to pick up food off the floor! Also ensure you have soft drinks available for those who don’t drink and anyone who starts to feel ill during the party! Have lots of glasses available for people to use and of course bottle openers and corkscrews.

Other Items to Purchase

If you really fancy making your party hardcore, consider getting balloons, glow sticks etc. If you have a theme to your party then some inflatable items or paper decorations might work well. If it is a halloween themed party you will find most of these available in your local supermarket around mid October onwards, if not you may have to visit a Fancy dress shop or a DIY/craft shop to get stuff. (It’s always more fun to make your own party decorations though!)

Preparing the House

Before your party starts try and remove any precious/expensive items and put them in safer places. Televisions, laptops etc if they are not going to be used in the party they need to be put somewhere to protect the screen or someone smashing them. Any delicate ornaments or plants that may be around should also be taken to a safe place, also make sure you lock up your non-party food – drunken guests have a tendency to eat what they see even if it wasn’t intended for them!

Make sure you tell your neighbours you are having a party; better yet if they are students too invite them along! If you live in a residential area make sure you have the music down low by 11pm, this will be less problematic in halls unless you have a strict resident tutor or porter!

Where to end the Party

One of the advantages of Facebook is you can state an end time for the party without feeling too mean, but another way to get people out of the house is to end the party at a nightclub or union night, this gets everyone out of your house hopefully well before they are too drunk to move or at the throwing up on your carpet stage.

Clearing Up

Make sure you properly clear up after your party, especially if you want to get your deposit back! Replace anything that’s broken and replenish any food that has mysteriously disappeared! Drinks stain so if they get on the carpet try and wipe them up as soon as possible! This will be the most un-fun part, the morning after when your not feeling great! My advice is to get as much cleaning done the night before as possible if you find you aren’t occupied with anything/anyone else!


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