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If you’re going to university the likely chance is you’re only taking a mobile phone with you and they aren’t exactly cheap to phone people with. Parents also have a tendency to talk for ages costing you a heap load of money! So what’s the solution?

Before you go make sure you set up and train your parents, grandparents, in fact anyone you can get to use Skype, its completely free and will save you a lot of money topping up your phone! It also has the added bonus of video and better sound quality often better than a mobile phone does.

My advice when getting Skype is to ensure you get a decent Webcam with a BUILT IN microphone, they are much better and less easy to lose than when they are separate. Personally I use a Microsoft VX-6000 Webcam, which retails at under £30. (Right Below)

The more of your friends you can also hook up on Skype the more money you will save there as well, and probably the more likely you will keep in touch!

The only problem with Skype is it can get highly addictive, you can spend hours talking about absoultely nothing or just playing with the novelty of Webcams! Thus not getting any work done at all! (Maybe I’m just too imature!)

Home > Student Index > Don’t pay to phone your parents! Skype them!


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