is great for buying anything from DVDs and Console Games to Insurance and Electricity! The Cashback you get per site varies from as low as 1% sometimes up to 20%. They boast over 1200 possible retailers, disappointingly though they do not have the likes of Amazon or Ebuyer on there – two of my favourite online establishments!

I’ve been using it for over a year now, and have received about £50 back in total, it’s send straight into my account in the form of actual money unlike some schemes which use vouchers etc. Whenever I tell people about it their instant reaction is that it must be a scam, but I can assure you all that it is most definitely legitimate and it most definitely will save you money.

How do they make their profit? Well they take a £5 administration fee per year, while this may put off people who spent very little online, to the big spender or those buying services you will find it is quite a small percentage of your total cashback profit!

I’ve recently been setting up bills for my house next year, as a student I have to save all the pennies I can! Currently there are good deals on British Gas, Be Broadband, Endsleigh Insurance and other things every student house needs. Totalled up you could end up with over £100 cashback which I’m sure can then be spent in a wise fashion!


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