Open Source as Alternative is a website dedicated to making users aware of open source alternatives to mainstream commercial software.

To those of you unaware what open source is it is a license that allows anyone to freely use, edited , modify and redistribute the source of the software. Good examples of open source software include OpenOffice and phpBB, which are alternatives to commercial programs Microsoft Office and vBulletin respectively.

While Open Source programs are sometimes not as good as their commercial counterparts they are often not too far behind, and when they are free you haven’t got much excuse not to try them out!

Below are 10 commercial vs open source alternatives I thought were of interest. I shall review some of them in the up coming weeks against their commercial counterparts to see how they hold out!

Commercial Program Open Source Alternative
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Quanta Plus 3.5
Macromedia Flash Professional OpenLaszlo 4.0
Nero Burning Rom 8 InfraRecorder 0.45
WinZip 11.1 7-Zip 4.57
Microsoft Access 2003 Kexi 1.1.3
CuteFTP 8 WinSCP 4.1
Blackboard Learning System Moodle 1.9
Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Pro Winpooch 0.6.6
Microsoft Office 2003 OpenOffice 2.4

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