There are times in the student day when not much is happening (6am – 12) and you may need to find something to entertain yourself if you haven’t got lectures to go to! You may have decided not to take a TV to save yourself a good £140 a year, which is proabably a good decision if you are a first year student living in halls, it’s quite a bit of money to fork out just for yourself.

There are ways though to catch up on your favourite TV programmes without paying a license.

Firstly, everyone’s favourite Youtube, you can often get a music video (often legally) on Youtube now as many of the record companies have started to put up lowish quality copies of their back catalogue of music videos. It’s also a great place to find retro cartoons, and nostalgia telly from the 90s! Anyone remember Fun House? Mike and Angelo? Round the Twist? All Classics!

There are also other ways as well, 4OD, ITV Catch Up, Demand Five and BBC iPlayer are other ways of aquiring the latest TV for free, none of them require a TV license so you have no worries at all! iPlayer is great allowing both Youtube style watching on screen and higher quality downloading to watch, however there is time locks on all the services.

Also if you parents are subscribers to Sky at home you can take advantage of Sky’s television download service while your away at univeristy!

Be careful if you choose to do anything too download heavy at university, legal or illegal, sometimes, especially on university networks the network managers can get irritated by such habits and end up banning or limiting your downloading.


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