Is your computer really ready for university? Here is a checklist of everything you should have on your computer before going to university!


Does your computer have a Firewall and Antivirus software on it? There are free versions available such as AVG. My personal recommendation is the ESET Security Suite, but there is also a variety of antiviral and firewall software products available on Amazon.

Has your computer got a password? If not now is the time to give it one, you don’t want anyone who walks into your room during Fresher’ week to start playing with your computer! Remember if you have a PC you can click the Windows Button (Usually found between CTRL and ALT on the left hand side) and L at the same time to Lock your computer. It’s always a good idea to turn it off when your not using it as well.

Ensure your comptuer is also not sharing all your files and information over the university network!

Don’t forget software is not the only form of security, read our student security tips for more advice.

Other Essentials

Even though Open Office is a great freebie I would still recommend getting a copy of Microsoft Office. Remember when saving though to save to 1997-2003 version if you are using the new Microsoft Office 2007, it is likely your university won’t have got round to upgrading yet! Open Office and MS Word do not often show the same formatting, although plain text may work OK.

iTunes! It may sound strange but its well worth getting, you can often listen to other students on the university networks music using iTunes sharing system, it’s a great way to save a bit of money! Don’t forget though about Deezer another fantastic way to listen to music online without having to purchase it, I’m rapidly becoming addicted to it! Don’t forget Windows Media Playertoo! You will need it for all the CDs you borrow from your friends at university! You may also want to take advantage of the Napster 7 day free trial!

Skype! It’s a great way to phone your parents for free if they have it as well! Why bother wasting money you don’t have! I’m sure by now most people will already have Windows Live Messenger installed another must at university!

BBC iPlayer. Who needs a TV when they are at Uni anymore when BBC iPlayer exists!

Make sure you sign up to Facebook a few weeks into the university term, but DON’T add everyone you meet! Just add the people you want to be are are friends with otherwise you are letting half the world into your private life! Facebook is a great way of arranging things with your new found friends and seeing what is on for you to attend at university. It also has the added bonus of finding out with Mr X or Miss X is single or not!!!


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