Q: Will I need a TV License for my room in Halls?

A: Yes you will need a TV license for your room in Halls if you are planning on watching television (i.e. tuned and have an aerial.)

Q: Will I need TV License to play my Xbox 360, Wii or Playstation 3 (PS3)?

A: No if you do not tune your television and do not watch television you do not need a license. However if you plan on watching television as well then you will need one.

Q: How many TV licenses will we need in a shared house.

In theory if you live in a shared student house without any internal door locks or individual addresses on the doors of each room then you only need one TV license for the property.

Q: Do I need a TV license to watch BBC iplayer?

No, you do not need one to watch BBC iplayer.

Q: Do I need a TV license to watch live streamed TV.

Yes, technically to watch any of the BBC channels online you should have a license.

Q: I am not in my student home over the summer can I get a refund?

Yes, you can, you well need to contact the TV licensing authorty, and can get up to £37 refunded.


More information on Student TV Licenses can be found at the TV Licensing website.


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