So you room is looking a bit dull? What you need is a plant to cheer the place up! You want one you can’t kill too easily and can neglect and not require to water for a couple weeks to a month.

Succulents and Cacti

… for the forgetful.

The best plants for student rooms are cacti and succulents, or spider plants. Many student unions have plant fairs near the beginning of term, it might be worth checking out, but perhaps more reliably is your local garden centre, where the plants have been grown properly. In all cases check the health of the plant before you buy it, in particular the root system. Don’t buy a plant based on how many flowers its got or fruit, these are only temporary features remember.

If you are not into watering much, then any of the many bog standard garden centre cacti are probably up your street, but if you are after something a bit more interesting then try and find a Lithop, they look a lot like stones.. or bottoms, they don’t require a great deal to maintain and have quite pretty flowers.

Alternatively a succulent such as one of the many forms of Aloe Vera may be a good choice, or even a Christmas Cactus.


Most herbs are fairly easy to grow from seeds, basil. coriander, thyme, oregano and parsley are all fairly easy to grow from seed. They are great for students who enjoy a bit of cooking, especially those using fresh herbs.

More Challenging…

If you are up for slightly more of a challenge, then fig trees are fairly easy to grow, though do require a sunny place and quite alot of water!

Other plants that are reasonable to grow and fairly cheap to buy include Peace Lily’s and Bird of Paradise plants. If you have the room for a large plant then a Rubber Plant is ideal and very easy to look after.

Other fruit trees that are reasonably easy to grow indoors are dwarf orange trees known as calmondin trees and lemon trees also dwarfs. These are not as easy to maintain as the cacti and succulents mentioned above, and will require a bit of knowledge on when to water and what to feed them, especially if you want them to fruit.

Good luck choosing your plants for your student dig! Chose wisely and your house or room will be spruced up no end!


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