If you are thinking about buying a Christmas present or gift for someone just starting university, here are a few suggestions of things they might find useful…

A Virgin University Survival Guide

A light hearted look at surviving at university, including sections on housing, money, the course and the more amusing section on hedonism, which has information on entertainment, dating, alcohol and drugs. Checkout our more detailed review of the Virgin University Survival Guide.

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A George Foreman Grill

Almost an essential for all students is the toastie machine, probably one of the best on offer is the George Foreman grill, it’s not quite a toastie machine but it can do toasties as well as grill meat and near enough anything else you want grilling. Especially worth considering if your hall does not have a cooker or the oven hasn’t got a grill. It also means you can cook even when someone else is using the oven.


An All-in-one Printer

Printing at university can be difficult at the best of times. Long queues and the inevitable broken printer are also likely with deadlines looming. To ensure that this never happens a good all in one printer is a definite asset to any student room. The scanner features are also very useful for scanning in figures from text books and photocopying forms. Checkout our recommend printers for university students 2011-2012 for more information.


Crock Pot

May sound daft, but actually its a great thing for students to have, cook your food slowly over the course of the day, just needs turning on at lunch time and you’ll have  a scrummy meal by supper. Also can save quite a bit on bills, as you are only heating up a small pot instead of an entire oven.


Bike Locks

Thinking about taking bikes to university, well its absolutely essential you have a decent lock or two, especially if your wheel and saddle can come off easily! My best advice for cyclists at uni is to lock down every part of your bike and take your saddle with you during the day, that way your bike is every so slightly less desirable for someone to steal.


Alarm Clock

Without a mother or father present to wake them up in the morning now, the deep sleepers among us well most definately need something else to wake us up! A decent alarm clock, with snooze function is essential for any student, especially during exam time and after late nights out. You may also find our top 12 gadgets for students 2011-2012 article interesting.




Not an essential for those in catered accommodation, but for those making their own food, these can be incredibly useful for making a variety of different types of food from soups, biscuits and scones to smoothies and cocktails. Definitely a worthwhile investment.



Student Cookbook

I’ve already written in detail about these. A student cookbook can help the novice chef get off the ground, though not ground breaking recipes they cover the basics of cooking simple and wholesome food. More advanced cookbooks are a good idea for those in their second or third year.



Kettles and Toasters

No all student accommodation comes with these kitchen basics, and they tend to be a bit on cheap and cheerful side if they are there, a good quality kettle in the room for a tea lover is a must, and a toaster for a quick convenient breakfast.




Can’t afford anything too fancy? Well don’t worry a small plant will brighten up the baron bare state of a new student room no end.



Board Games

Board games are a great, cheap way to be entertained as a student. They can involve as many or as few people as you like. Definately worth considering having a few board games around at unviersity. As well as the standard board games available such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, you may want to consider more unique games such as Carcassonne, Finca and Stone Age.


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