Many students are likely to need to buy some bed linen for their halls of residence or house. It can be quite confusing for some one doing it for the first time, so I have put together this guide to help.

What is Tog?

Tog is a measure of thermal resistance. Basically how warm your duvet will remain. If you always cold in bed then you will want a high tog duvet, such as 13.5. If you are always hot in bed then a 4.5 tog duvet is good.

For most people, a different tog is required per season to keep them at maximum comfort. For winter a 10.5 or 13.5 tog duvet is good, for spring and autumn a 10.5 tog duvet and for summer a 4.5 tog duvet.

My recommendations for university students is to either get the 10.5 tog duvet OR the better option of an all season duvet. This is a clever duvet which is 13.5 tog in total, but it is made up of a 9.0 Tog and a 4.5 Tog duvet. This gives you a really warm duvet for winter, a relatively warm one for autumn and spring and a really light comfortable one for the summer.

Duvet and Sheet Sizes

Make sure you know what bed size you will be having at university before you buy your linen. Halls of residence usually have a single bed, but outside accommodation and requested rooms in halls can have double or three quarter size beds (4ft Bed). 5ft and 6ft Duvets are also available, but for most people either a Single Duvet or a Double Duvet will suffice depending on what bed they have.

Make sure you get it right though! A Double Duvet will probably be far too hot and sweaty on a single bed! A single duvet may however work OK on a double bed, just so long as you don’t mind it looking a bit odd and don’t intend to have anyone staying over. The most annoying problem that will arise is if you find out your double bed is actually three quarter size, as there will be spare duvet and your fitted sheets may be too large.

Where to buy your bed linen? Well most Department stores do bed linen, Marks and Spencer, House of Fraser, John Lewis or online at place such as Bed linen unfortunately will not be that cheap, but make sure you buy a decent quality duvet instead of anything cheap – remember it has to last you your entire time at university and you want something comfortable for you and any romantic guests you may have in your room to sleep on!

Have you got a dust mite allergy or asthma? You may want to consider an anti-allergy duvet. These are slightly more expensive but are not made with feathers and so will give you a better quality night sleep!

Our recommendation would be the Thermofill Lite Duvet range available on Amazon for a reasonable price and for single and double beds.


The number of pillows you take will be up to you, I have 2 or 3, but some people have fewer. There are many options when it comes to pillows including medium and firm. It’s a good idea to check out the pillows in the department store to see which ones suit you – they usually have a demonstration pillow available. If you want to purchase pillows online then Amazon do a range of pillows including the Fogarty Hollowfibre Value Range Pillows.

Additional Warmth

If you have a particularly cold room, or just get a bit chilly, then you may want to consider getting either an fleecy over blanket for your bed, or the more luxurious option of an electric blanket… or both!


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