Top 12 Gadgets for Students 2011-2012

On Thursday, 1st September 2011, in Gadget Review, by David

Here are our top 12 student gadgets for those starting university this September.

12 Alarm Clock

An essential gadget for all students, especially after those long nights out.

The Sony ICFC3185 Clock Radio (right) priced at £14.99 on Amazon comes with a green illuminating display, AM/FM tuner and a dual alarm function allowing you to set up a backup alarm. It also comes with the crucial “snooze” function – a requirement of any student alarm clock.



11 USB Stick

Not particularly glamorous, but an a useful gadget to take with you to university. USB sticks can make transferring work to and from university computers convenient. They are also useful for sharing videos, photos and audio files amongst your friends at university.  Our current recommendation is the 16 GB byteStor USB stick priced at £11.99 on Amazon.



10 Amazon Kindle

There is limited space at university, especially if you don’t have someone kind enough to drive you to and from university. For those who need to take the train long distances with lots of luggage the Amazon Kindle is a great way to save space, condensing all your books down into one portable device. As well as saving space, it also is a great way to sit back and read through your essays without having to glare at a harsh LCD display. Amazon also have a large number of classic books available for free, which may make the Kindle a cheaper alternative to subjects where reading the classics is part of the course. The Kindle is available on Amazon priced at both £111 and £152 depending on whether you require 3G Wireless or not.



9 Printer

Perhaps not even classified as a gadget but a printer is defiantly a worthwhile asset to own while at university. The stress of last-minute printing, queues before essay deadlines and the university printers breaking down, mean having your own printer will save you tearing your hair out or, worse, missing important deadlines. Our best buy is the Epson Stylus SX425W, currently priced at £39.99 on Amazon. It is a multifunction inkjet that also comes with a scanner. The main bonus of the SX425W is the cheap cost of replacing the ink which makes it a great printer for students on a low-budget. For more information on our other best buy budget student printers.



8 Laptop

In particular we recommend the Acer Aspire 572Z for students. With reasonable processing power, RAM and a sizeable hard drive it is great for all students going to university this September. Currently priced at £379.99 on Amazon it is also great value for money. For more information on our recommended laptops for university please visit our Best Student Laptops 2011-2012 article.



7 iPod classic

For those with epic music collections then the iPod Touch or iPhone may just not be capable of holding your entire collection, fortunately Apple are still making great iPod classics with 160 GB capacities which should be enough for most people’s music collections. Price per GB is also much more favourable for the iPod classic compared to the touch models making the classic a much better investment for students looking for a decent MP3 player. The iPod Classic is currently available on Amazon for around £160.


6 Digital Camera

If you wish to remember certain aspects of university life you will probably require a digital camera. Especially good at recording what exactly happens on drunken nights out, but also a great way to ensure you get good photos of all your new friends, and where you live and work while at university. An in-depth review on the different cameras we recommend to students can be found in our Choosing the Best Student Camera 2011-2012 article. Our recommended budget camera was the Fujifilm FinePix AV200 Digital Camera.




5 George Foreman Grill

A must have gadget for making toasted sandwiches and grilling things in general. A great asset to have in halls especially when the communal ovens may be in use or when you want a quick dinner. Alternatively if you are in catered accommodation and fancy a warm snack between meals or for lunch. A budget George Foreman Grill is available for £14.99 on Amazon.



4 Blu-ray player with iPlayer.

The Sony S380 Blu-ray player is one of our favourite gadgets, capable of not only show HD Blu-ray and upscaled DVDs through your television but also for streaming internet TV services such as BBC iPlayer and Five Demand. It feels so much nicer being able to watch iPlayer through the television rather than via a small PC or laptop monitor. the Sony S380 is available on Amazon for around £95.


3 Digital Voice Recorder (Dictaphone)

A very useful gadget for recording lectures to replay while writing notes and revising for exams. The Sony ICD-BX112 Digital voice recorder also has the ability to transfer recordings to PC via USB allowing you to neatly store recordings of lectures as albums. This then allows you to transfer them as MP3s to your iPod or MP3 Player to listen to again. The Sony ICB-BX112 Digital voice recorder is available for £17.99 on Amazon.



2 Scientific Calculator

Not the sexiest of gadgets but for certain degrees a necessity. A decent scientific calculator can really save you time. Make sure before you buy that the one you want will be allowed in your university exams.



1 Livescribe ECHO SmartPen

Possible the most awesome gadget in existence for students is the Livescribe ECHO. The Livescribe ECHO allows you to write and record lectures and then play back the relevant part of the lectures when you click on that part in your notes. It should definitely make revising much easier. To top this off the Livescribe can also transfer your notes to a PDF document, preventing you from losing them either by dropping drinks on then or by lending them to people who don’t give them back.

It also gives you a much better way to organise your handwritten notes once they are uploaded to your computer. The Livescribe ECHO will defiantly be beneficial in circumstances when lecturers refuse to let you use a dictaphone or a laptop to record or write notes.

The Livescribe ECHO smartpen is available for £168.18 on Amazon currently. A more detailed review of the Livescribe Echo SmartPen


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