Review: The Virgin University Survival Guide

On Saturday, 13th August 2011, in Book Review, by David

The Virgin University Survival Guide

The Virgin University Survival Guide is a great little paperback book for those starting university in September, and looking for something to read to get them even more excited about leaving home and entering university life.

The book covers many things including Freshers week, housing, your course, money and more. It is written in a light hearted and humorous manner making it entertaining to read leisurely through. It emphasizes early own, as we do here at the University Student Site, that going to uni is not just about doing your course, but is about experiencing independent living, creating strong friendships… and potentially even improving your love life!

Possibly the most amusing section in the book is chapter 4 entitled “Hedonism” covering entertainment, sex and dating, alcohol and drugs… oh and how to develop good blagging skills.

A housing section will also be of value to those moving away from home for the first time.

Don’t expect this book to be a revelation, probably about 80% of what is you will probably be aware of at least, but it is informative and will perhaps give you a few ideas about things or how to do things you hadn’t thought about before.

If you are a parent, brother, sister or friend of someone about to start university and are looking for a small cheap and useful present to get them then the Virgin University Survival Guide may be the thing to get.

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The Virgin University Survival Guide
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