Since my previous article on student discounts some two years ago, there have been a significant number of changes on the high street, some of the shops I mentioned then simply don’t exist any more, while there are a few new players to the student discount market.

Still offering Student discount with the simple production of an NUS card are Staples (10%) and Schuh (10%). Many companies now though require the addition of a second “student” card which you have to pay a certain amount of money for.

NUS Extra

NUS Extra is a £10 card you pay for and pick up from your students union. It offers a wide range of discounts such as a 5% discount from online retailer, as well as discounts as JJB Sport (10 %), Superdrug (10 %). There are also various offers from the likes of McDonalds, Game and Comet. To make the NUS extra card worth its while you would have to spend £200 at Amazon a year or £100 at JJB Sport or Superdrug or a combination of all three… bare this in mind before purchasing! A long list of other places that accept NUS Extra can be found on their website which is fairly clear and easy to follow.

Student Discounts Card

Cheaper than the NUS Extra card, but searching their website I cannot find what high street stores they offer discounts in. They do seem to have a cashback scheme, but I would still recommend the use of Quidco itself as it has a much larger range of cashback offers and while they also charge a yearly £5 they take this money from your cashback earnings instead. According to the NatWest website the discounts offered by this company are, STA Travel (15 % cashback), 3 mobile and New Look (7.5 % cashback).

If anyone working for the company Student Discount Card would like to add what high street shops your student discount card works in, in addition to those of the standard NUS card please feel free to email me or leave them in the comment box below and I shall add them.

Student Beans

Student beans is a free website offering a wide range of offers for students and just other general money saving vouchers, such as for popular restaurants and cinema tickets. Its a very good and worthwhile site and unlike the card schemes does not require any cash in advance making it probably the best form of student discount around after the nifty NUS card itself! One of their best offers at the moment is a two for one voucher at Cineworld, saving you up to £5 a time at the cinema!

Apple Education Store

Worth noting that if you login via your campus computer to Apple’s education store  you are already entitled to a significant discount on your Mac (10-12%) with an NUS Extra card this goes up to 15% discount. Likely when buying a Mac the NUS Extra card at £10 would pay for itself with one purchase due to the cost of a MacBook or iMac.

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