Crookes is a suburb of Sheffield according to Wikipedia, and at 1 mile or less from the main university and in walking distance to the Peak District it is perfectly location. This article serves to give a brief insight into Crookes, the shops, restaurants, pubs the letting agents and the transport.

Renting a house in Crookes

There are many letting agencies in the Crookes area, below are a selected few, if you know of more please let me know. For rent a house in Crookes you should be looking at a price between £50 and £75 a week depending on the level of luxury you are after.

If you have used one of these letting agencies in the past, please use the comment box below to leave some feedback on them, good or bad!

Alternatively if you do not fancy going through a letting agency then a list of houses with landlord contacts is also available via the Sheffield University House Finder service.

Shops in Crookes

As well as a Co-op store in the centre of Crookes there is a raft of excellent shops along the high street.

  • Just Natural: One of the best fruit and vegetable shops in existence, not only does it look impressive but they have a vast array of fruit and veg, all at fairly good prices.
  • Fulton Foods: Sells loads of really cheap products, in particular pizzas, bottles of squash, 3 litre bottles of Coca Cola and cans of drink are a favourite of me and my housemates.
  • A & K Butler and R Hayman Butchers: There are two brilliant butchers along the Crookes highstreet, both serve excellent meat but R Hayman also do some amazing pork or fresh ham sandwiches!
  • There is also a Cooplands bakery and a Threshers in Crookes both fairly useful shops!


The Stagecoach 52 and First 52 bus both are very frequent in Crookes coming every 7 and 5 minutes respectively, however the Stagecoach buses are much better for students offering a 50 pence single journey to anywhere along the line.  Heading one way down from Crookes you can get the bus to Broomhill, Sheffield University and Sheffield City Center. Heading the other way you can get to the large Hillsborough Morrisons. With a Dayrider ticket (£3) you can also use the Stagecoach trams which you can take all the way to Meadowhall.

The only disadvantage with the Stagecoach bus is that it finsihes running earlier in the evening then the First. However after about 7pm First offer a £1 return service for students on the 52 line. The First 52 line however ends in Crookes and does not go down to Morrisons.

In Part 2 I shall go into the Pubs, Eating Places and Restaurants of Crookes.

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2 Responses to The Students Essential Guide to Living in Crookes (Part 1)

  1. Christina says:

    Fantastic article. It caught my eye as i’ve just moved into Crookes. Starting at Sheffield Uni later this month (yes, i know, strange start date!).
    Thank you for the info on the area, especially the difference between the Stagecoach & First buses for the 52 route. It’s nice to know one goes to Morrisons!
    Looking forward to part 2. Keep up the good work.

  2. David says:

    Many thanks Christina, I shall endeavour to write part 2 soon!

    Best Wishes

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