Choosing Student Insurance (2008/09)

On Thursday, 21st August 2008, in Student Saving Tips, by David

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Insurance is a must have for all students, risk from theft, fire, flooding etc is something that can happen to any of us, especially if you live in a city. While some University Halls have put insurance costs into the rent, for most students this isn’t the case, and the process of choosing an insurance provider must occur.

Initially I thought there was only one insurance provider for students out there, but a quick search in Google and it appears every high street bank operates a system. Below is a table of information I’ve got from a few student insurance companies including Endsleigh, Cover4Students (C4S), HSBC, RBS, JS Insurance and e&I Insurance. Unfortunately the table has incomplete gaps in due to insures websites being less than helpful when supplying a quote. Most numbers will only be estimates due to differences in costs for insurance in different areas of the country, where a post code was required the Sheffield S10 postcode was used in all cases.

Insurer Endsleigh C4S HSBC RBS JS e&I
Excess £25+ £10 £50 £25 £50  ?
Minimum Cover £2500 £2000 £2000 £2000 £2000 £2500
Minimum Cost £16 £15 £25 ? £24.15 £29.70
Maximum Item Cover £2000 £500 £500 ? £750 ?
Laptop Cover (£500) £45 £10 £64.50 ? ? £18
Cash Cover £0 £50 £100 £50 £0 £0
Walk-in-Theft Cover No Yes No Yes No No

My recommendationis currently Cover4Students, they are by far the cheapest, as well as having the most open and simple website with significant cover included in their comprehensive policy including Legal, Walk in Theft etc. You can also get a 25% discount for applying online and a £10 excess is very very reasonable compared with other insures. People have also had good experience with Endsleigh from what I have heard, as have I in previous years prior to the discovery of Cover4Students.

Home > Student Index > Choosing Student Insurance (2008/09)

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