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On Friday, 15th August 2008, in Student Saving Tips, by David

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There are many ways to save money as a student but one of them is to ask shops if they do student discount! Some shops offer student discount to anyone with a valid university NUS card, others require an NUS extra card and some even require you to have their own student discount card!

NUS extra cards can be purchased online at the NUS website, where they are then sent to your university union for collection by you. They cost around £10, and if you are a frequent shopper in some of their discounted stores it may well be worth getting one!

Below is a selection of places you can get discounts as student, some online some on the high street and the type of card you will need. Unfortunately retailers often tend to hide the fact they offer student discount, and their can be inconsistencies between shops in certain areas and what type of cards they accept as a form of student ID. Even in the same shop you may find certain staff will allow you to just use your university ID card while others will demand an NUS Extra of In Store Student Card.

Just ask and you will find out! If you do find any extra high street shops that are not on this list, or are on this list that fail to offer the discount shown then I can add remove as appropriate.

Retailer Discount Officially Required Card Type
HMV* 10% HMV Student Card
Topshop / Topman 10% NUS Extra Card
Zavvi (Formerly Virgin) 10% NUS Card / UCAS Card
National Rail Enquiries 1/3 Off Young Persons Railcard
National Express Up to 30% Young Persons Coachcard
Amazon 5% NUS Extra Card
Superdrug 10% (£10 min) NUS Extra Card
Schuh 10% NUS Card
BB’s Cafe 15% NUS Extra Card
Boot’s Opticians 30% NUS Extra Card
Principles 10% NUS Extra Card 10% NUS Extra Card
Burtons 10% NUS Card

*HMV Student Discount cards become available when the University Semester starts.

Not a student discount card, but checkout BiTE Discount Card – 20% of Train Station Food! it’s completely free after all!

Home > Student Index > Student Discount Cards

18 Responses to Student Discount Cards 2008

  1. Angel says:

    Superdrug offer 10% discount when you spend over £! now…..and even better you can use it with other offers in store!!!

  2. Carys says:

    But how do you use your student card online?
    My card says it is NUS but still isn’t working!
    Help me!

  3. David says:

    Hi Carys

    For most online shops you will need an NUS Extra card your standard union NUS card will not function. If you do have an NUS Extra card and its not working then you should contact NUS Extra

    Hope that helps you!

  4. Luke Hutch says:

    I am trying to use my NUS Card online, but i’ve no idea which number on the card is the one I should use… help anyone?
    And HMV offer discount aswell… which is what I’m trying to do, but no sure which number to use!

  5. David says:

    Hi Luke, you will likely need an NUS Extra Card to purchase with student discount online, unlike a standard University NUS card the number on them is pretty obvious like a credit card number.

  6. Luke Hutch says:

    Oh ok – it does have a 18 digit number on the card. But I still think you might be right there.

  7. Zoe says:

    does anybody have a FULL list of where you can use UCAS cards?

  8. David says:

    UCAS cards, yes, the UCAS website does —

    However these are NUS deals mentioned above, and they vary from retailer to retailer, year to year, and even store to store.

  9. matty88 says:

    Hi guys, i’ve found it really annoying now that don’t accept NUS Extra online to get 10% off! Instead you have to have a HMV Student Card, which HMV only always get a limited supply of at the beginning of the academic year.. I didn’t manage to get one as all of the freshers beat me to it!
    I don’t suppose anyone has a HMV Student Card and woulnd’t mind me using their code? As cheeky as it sounds it’d be really appreciated : )

  10. catherin says:

    Office do 10% off with an NUS card aswell!

  11. danii says:

    I have just started A levels at college and we have been told we can get discount with our student ID cards that we use, but i cant seem to find any lists that tell me which shops i can use it in. We’ve also been told we can apply for NUS extra, but i will only apply for it if the student ID cards discounts arent very good
    Please help!

  12. jayy says:

    hi, i got an NUS card through my college yesterday and i tried to view the discounts on the NUS site today but it wont let me and i have registered on the NUS site. what do i do?

  13. David says:

    Hi jayy, the NUS site I think only lists NUS extra discount cards, often you will have to go into shops and just ask if they do student discount, im not entirely sure if the list above is up to date still, but I know that Schuh are still honouring student discount still.

  14. chloe says:

    hi, i was wondering if u can use one in asda because that is the only shop i can afford but i need food so it is ok, can i ask them for a higher discount because i am poor? thankyou xx

  15. David says:

    Hi Chloe, feel free to ask! I’ve not heard of any student discount offered at ASDA unfortunately though. Feel free to discuss student discount in our new forum at hopefully we can compile a more up to date list of places that accept various forms of student discount!


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  17. Carolina says:


    Do you know if I can buy my Young Person’s Coachcard in Heathrow airport? I want to buy it before I get my tickets so that I can get inmediately a discount in my first tickets. I found this useful blog and I hope you can answer my question! Thanks!


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